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Crowthorne Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

2018 - 2036

Millennium Garden photo (Source: Crowthorne Parish Council archives)

Guide to Reading this Plan

Of necessity, this Neighbourhood Plan is a detailed technical document. The purpose of this page is to explain the structure and help you find your way around the plan.

1. Introduction & Background

This section explains the background to this Neighbourhood Plan.

2. The Neighbourhood Area

This section details many of the features of the designated area.

3. Planning Policy Context

This rather technical section relates this Plan to the National Planning Policy Framework and the planning policies of Bracknell Forest Council.

4. Community Views on Planning Issues

This section explains the community involvement that has taken place.

5. Vision, Objectives & Land Use Policies

This is the key section. Firstly, it provides a statement on the Neighbourhood Plan Vision and Objectives. It then details Policies which are to address the issues outlined in the Foreword and in Section 4. These Policies are listed on page 5. There are Policy Maps at the back of the plan and additional information in the Appendices to which the policies cross reference.

6. Implementation

This section explains how the Plan will be implemented and future development guided and managed. It suggests projects which might be supported by the Community Infrastructure Levy which the Parish Council will have some influence over. Finally, it deals with a number of issues which although relevant are outside the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Crowthorne Neighbourhood Plan and appendices