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                                 Neighbourhood Watch is a grassroots charitable movement. It is the largest crime prevention voluntary movement in England and Wales and has upwards of 2.3 million members. Schemes are run by volunteers across England and Wales supported by volunteer Associations, and by Neighbourhood Watch Network, the national umbrella organisation for the movement.

Neighbourhood Watch groups are are run entirely by the community, for the community, and volunteers work in their own time and to their own strengths.

If you are concerned about crime in your neighbourhood and would like to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch, and how to set up a local scheme, here are some helpful resources:

The Neighbourhood Watch Story

Read about the positive impact that Neighbourhood Watch schemes have had

Check by a postcode search whether there is a local scheme in your area

How to set up and run a local scheme

Neighbourhood Watch
A Local Case Study

I would like to share our Neighbourhood Watch Group’ s experience of how the simple act of face to face communication within the group has had a positive impact on solving problems with anti-social behaviour… Read more

19/10/22 Crowthorne Community Neighbourhood Action Group roadshow poster
16/06/22 Crowthorne Community NAG agenda
16/06/22 Crowthorne Community Neighbourhood Action Group (CCNAG) Notes
10/02/22 Crowthorne Community NAG Agenda
10/02/22 Crowthorne Community Neighbourhood Action Group (CCNAG) Notes
16/09/21 Crowthorne Community NAG Agenda
16/09/21 Crowthorne Community Neighbourhood Action Group (CCNAG) Notes
21/06/21 Crowthorne Community Neighbourhood Action Group (CCNAG) Notes