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Water - pupils have undertaken a sponsored ‘walk for water’, where each child was sponsored to walk whilst carrying water in order to appreciate how hard it is for some humans to access clean water supplies at various locations in the World. They have learned the importance of turning off taps, using water saving toilets and taking showers rather than baths in order to use water wisely.

Biodiversity - each class has its own class plants which pupils are responsible for. The school has also supported the Queen’s Green Canopy challenge, raising and donating over £100 to this scheme. They are now planning for the installation of bird boxes in the spring term.

Awards and accreditations - the school has been awarded its first green flag for its environmental and climate projects and has almost qualified for its second green flag!

Crowthorne Parish Council shared news of its environmental and biodiversity projects:-

Circle Hill and Walter recreation Ground - wildflower planting for pollinators, installation of new path to ensure people do not walk over wildflower meadows; bat, bird and insect homes located throughout the sites

EV chargers - the Council is working with a contractor to try and get EV chargers installed at the Morgan Rec. car park to encourage EV vehicle use and reduce vehicle emissions.

Engine Idling and emissions - a campaign is being worked on which encourages stationary cars to switch off their engines. The Council has also worked on the launch of the Eco Rewards scheme in Crowthorne to encourage people to travel by foot and cycle.

Solar panels - Council is working on a project to instal solar panels at both the Parish Hall and Morgan Centre to become more self-sufficient.

Shop local - encouraging local people to ‘shop local’ and at the market so they can walk or cycle there instead of using cars.

Crowthorne Reduce Our Waste - Council is working with CROW by supporting the community litter picks, providing grants and assisting with the launch of a Repair Café to enable electrical items, clothes and furniture to be repaired and saved from landfill. Council also has a small electrical recycling bin for the community to use.

The school was presented with wildflower meadow markers made by The Men’s Shed Wokingham Without, with butterfly and ladybird emblems on, for them to paint and return so these can be installed at the Walter Recreation Ground to discourage visitors from walking over wildflowers.

The Eco Club asked Council to consider using its signage to encourage paper cup recycling at its community events such as the Summer of Fun.

Council asked the children to share their ‘switch off your lights’ signage so council can display this in its community buildings to encourage others to switch off lights when they leave.

The next Crowthorne Climate Summit will take place in June 2023.

Elected Members from Crowthorne C of E Primary School’s Eco Club and the Eco Club Lead, Mrs Brodrick, met with Crowthorne Parish Councillors on 6 December to discuss the climate, biodiversity, and ecology projects the school, and Council, is working on at present.

The School Eco Club pupils gave a presentation on key focus areas:-

Energy - signage designed by children is now located around the school reminding pupils and staff to turn off lights and interactive whiteboards when they are not in use. Energy saving tips are shared with parents and the school community via a newsletter.

Marine life - children have undertaken litter picks in the school grounds and at beaches whilst on family holidays.

Being ‘plastic clever’ - school has reduced its use of single use plastics by using refillable water bottles, not using glitter and avoiding using laminators.