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Group of Crowthorne area pictures
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Group of Crowthorne area pictures
Group of Crowthorne area pictures
Group of Crowthorne area pictures
Group of Crowthorne area pictures
Group of Crowthorne area pictures
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Group of Crowthorne area pictures
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Wednesday, 10 April, 2024
Bleed Control Kits - Available in emergencies from defibrillator sites in Crowthorne Parish

Crowthorne Parish Council has purchased bleed control kits which are now located with the defibrillators throughout the parish.

These kits can save lives where people suffer a traumatic injury resulting in severe blood loss.

Videos available on the website in the link provide guidance on how to use the equipment.

Tuesday, 9 April, 2024
Crowthorne Market update & access to the Morgan Recreation Ground car park

For avoidance of any doubt and to clarify the situation Crowthorne Parish Council has, and continues, to actively support our loyal market traders and seeks to maintain a full range of commodities.

Whilst the disruption to access to the Morgan Recreation Ground Car Park caused by the SGN roadworks continues, at the request of the market traders, in the coming weeks, the Friday market will be located in Jim Finnie Square benefitting both market traders and local shops. Sunday markets will continue in the Morgan Recreation Ground Car Park.

This arrangement cannot continue indefinitely due to legal restrictions, but alternative arrangements are actively being considered.

Wednesday, 20 March, 2024
Bracknell Forest Local Plan adopted

A new Local Plan for Bracknell Forest was adopted this week, setting out where new homes, businesses and facilities could be located in the next 15 years.

The plan was agreed at full council on 19 March after over eight years of work. It is an important document as it identifies the sites where development will take place to meet our housing, employment and other needs over the next 15 years, it also updates all the policies that the council uses when determining planning applications.

It aims to ensure that these new homes, businesses and supporting facilities like shops, parks and roads are located in the most suitable areas - particularly in and around Bracknell town centre. It also aims to maximise the use of previously developed brownfield land.

It also sets out that 35 per cent of new housing on sites of over 10 new homes must be allocated as affordable housing.

Areas set out in the plan that could accommodate new developments, including homes and supporting infrastructure, are:

  • Land south of Forest Road and east of Cheney Close in Binfield (up to 40 homes)
  • Land at Peacock Farm (up to 100 homes)
  • Land at Beaufort Park, Nine Mile Ride (up to 230 homes)
  • Eastern Gateway development, Town Square, Bracknell town centre (up to 210 homes)
  • Southern gateway development, Bracknell town centre (up to 600 homes)
  • Land at the Peel Centre (up to 900 homes in total but 600 within the plan’s 15 year timescale)
  • Land east of Wokingham Road and south of Duke’s Ride, Crowthorne (up to 220 homes)
  • Land north of Herschel Grange, Warfield (up to 30 homes)
  • Whitegates, Mushroom Castle, Chavey Down Road (up to 40 homes)

A small development of up to 10 homes south of London Road in Binfield is also set out in the plan. The development of the plan has involved extensive evidence gathering, analysis and engagement with residents and various organisations.

It was also subject to public examination by two government appointed inspectors.

Last year inspectors agreed the plan could be adopted if certain modifications were made. These changes included removal of the proposed garden village and science and innovation park at Jealott’s Hill and three smaller proposed housing sites.

Following public consultation on the draft changes, inspectors confirmed on 1 March that the revised plan is sound and could be adopted.

Cllr Guy Gillbe, executive member for planning and transport said:

“Adoption of the plan marks a major step forward in planning for the borough’s future. As well as identifying the sites we need for housing, employment and infrastructure. It also raises the bar on sustainable development, planning for climate change and design standards, including for tall buildings. Importantly, it increases the amount of affordable housing that we will be seeking as part of new housing schemes."

“The plan has policies to protect the qualities that make Bracknell Forest such a great place to live. This includes increasing biodiversity, protecting the green belt and other countryside, conserving our built heritage and making sure we build the right mix of homes to meet our needs, including housing for different groups".

“I would particularly like to thank all the people and organisations that responded to the consultations on the plan and helped to shape it. We will continue to work with our communities to develop new and innovative ways of creating attractive vibrant places where people will want to live, work and spend their leisure time. The Local Plan provides the framework to achieve this.”

The new plan supersedes the policies in the:

  • 2002 Bracknell Forest Local Plan
  • 2008 Bracknell Forest Core Strategy

It also supersedes a small number of policies from the 2013 Site Allocations Local Plan. The new policies will be used to guide development and assess planning applications made in the borough.

The Inspector’s report and schedule of modifications can be found here:

The new Local Plan and Policies Maps can be found with the papers for the 19 March meeting of the Council here:

Tuesday, 20 February, 2024

Following concerns raised with both the Crowthorne Parish Council Office, and direct to our Cllrs, Cllr Jeff Allen wrote to the Chief Forester, Richard Everett, of The Crown Estates and has received the response below:-

Dear Cllr Allen
Thank you for your message regarding the tree work along Bracknell Road, Crowthorne. This work has been planned over the last few months alongside SSE and Bracknell Forest Council to deliver a number of important objectives, including tree safety management, roadside drainage improvements and maintaining the energy network infrastructure.

A lack of maintenance on this section over recent decades has meant that the trees on the roadside bank have encroached into the powerline corridor. This has caused recurring contact with the powerlines resulting in burnt branches and power network outages. SSE require a specified vegetation free buffer zone around the network cables and all the trees on the bank were within that buffer area. Undertaking arboricultural works to reduce these trees outside the buffer zone would not have been practical and would have left the trees heavily unbalanced towards the road. It is for this reason we made the decision to fell the trees and put something more manageable in place for the future. We shall be replacing with mixed native hedges which are quick to establish, have very high biodiversity value providing nesting cover, blossom and winter berries for birds. The hedge can also be managed so as not to interfere with the road network, drainage infrastructure and powerlines. This will be planted in the autumn.

I apologise that you feel that the works have not been well communicated and in hindsight I should have sent more details to the Parish Council in advance. We informed the BFC countryside and communication teams in advance and put interpretation signage up on site along with an information alert on our website. We have worked with the immediate neighbours around the worksite to ensure that they understand what is going on and that the works have a minimum impact on them. I appreciate that this is a big visual change on the landscape and people may be distressed at the felling of these trees, however I’m afraid that on this occasion it was absolutely necessary and I feel the work has been delivered to a high standard with the minimum of disruption to road and forest users.

Monday, 27 November, 2023
Biodiversity Policy adopted by council
Crowthorne Parish Council's biodiversity policy
Adopted 7 November 2023

The new government guidance on biodiversity published 31 May 2023 states that under the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 there is a duty on public authorities to regard conserving biodiversity as part of their decision making.

Government guidance suggests some examples for parish councils that would demonstrate their regard for conserving biodiversity:

  • Develop policies and strategies and put them into practice.
  • Manage the planning system.
  • Manage their land and buildings such as nature reserves and parks.
  • Manage their waste, pollution, energy use and water.
  • Choose wood and plant products with care.
  • Develop infrastructure, such as paths.
  • Make decisions about procurement.
  • Implement economic, environmental, and social programmes.

In response to this, Crowthorne Parish Council has committed to this Biodiversity Policy, November 2023.

CPC's promise

CPC will consider the impact on biodiversity in the decisions made by council and its working groups, by seeking to minimise adverse impacts on biodiversity, and identifying opportunities to increase biodiversity when practicable.

CPC's land management responsibilities

CPC owns and manages the Morgan Centre and Recreation Ground along with the Parish Hall which includes a small outdoor area and hedgerow.

CPC owns and manages the Morgan Centre and Recreation Ground along with the Parish Hall which includes a small outdoor area and hedgerow.

CPC is a trustee, along with Wokingham Without Parish Council, of the Walter Recreation Ground Charity which manages Circle Hill wood and the Walter Recreation Ground for both public access and biodiversity.

CPC is involved in the management of the Millenium Garden – the small seating and shrub area, opposite The Prince.

CPC is involved in the management of the village retail areas by liaising with business owners and Bracknell Forest Council.

To benefit biodiversity, CPC will:
  • Consider the impact on biodiversity in all planning applications.
  • Encourage practices and projects beneficial to biodiversity through grants made.
  • Continue to review how it manages its estate including considering managing areas of the Morgan Rec as wildflower/longer sward areas, to add to the diversity of habitats present on site.
  • Consider environmental impact as a social value on all acquisitions and procurements. This includes emissions, recyclability, longevity etc.
  • Look to promote biodiversity to others via the parish council website
On our own estate, CPC will continue to:
  • Reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Leave standing and fallen dead wood as invertebrate habitat where safe to do so, in line with BS3998 2010.
  • Remove invasive species that are detrimental to native flora or fauna as required.
  • Plant and sow native plants where practicable, taking seed provenance into account.
  • Increase nest sites by maintaining and installing bird and bat boxes.
  • Manage shrubs and hedgerows outside of the nesting season.
  • Promote management practices beneficial to biodiversity used on the estate, through the website, newsletters, social media, volunteers, and posters.
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