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Crowthorne Educational Trust

Crowthorne Educational Charity no: 300143

The purpose of the Crowthorne Educational Charity is to promote the education of persons resident in the Parish of Crowthorne.  

All Councillors of Crowthorne Parish Council serve as Trustees on the Crowthorne Educational Charity, however the Charity exists as a separate entity to Crowthorne Parish Council.  The Charity is administered by the staff of Crowthorne Parish Council on behalf of the Trustees.

Meetings are held as and when applications are received, but due to the confidential nature of the proceedings, are closed to the public.

Applications for individuals

Applications for educational bodies

Appointed Charity Membership

  • Cllr Neil Kilvert - Chairman - Elect
  • Cllr Simon Sever - Vice Chairman - Elect
  • Cllr Tina McKenzie-Boyle
  • Cllr Richard Price
  • Cllr Gail Robertson
  • Cllr Nicholas Robertson
  • Cllr Simon Butterworth
  • Cllr Bob Wade
  • Cllr Cliff Thompson
  • Cllr Bruce McKenzie-Boyle

Further information can be obtained from the Charity Commission website on: (charity number 300143)

Applications are welcome from any eligible resident or parent/guardian on behalf of children under 16 years.  Applications are also welcome from educational establishments in Crowthorne Parish.

Application forms can be obtained from the Parish Office or downloaded below.  Each application is judged on its own merit.

An Application and Feedback Form can be downloaded from the following links...

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