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As you are probably aware, Legal & General Homes (Communities) Ltd (L&G) are developing the former TRL site in Crowthorne, and Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) has asked Crowthorne Parish Council (CPC) to lead in managing the Stakeholders’ Group and the work on the Community Hub, the on-going management of which will be the responsibility of CPC post build.

  1. The development on the former TRL site is possibly the most important issue and biggest opportunity that has been presented to Crowthorne for a generation. As such, we have one chance to get it right.
  2. It is a development in Crowthorne, and BFC has asked CPC to be the lead agents on their behalf. We are subsequently inviting other interested bodies, such as CVAG and WWPC, to be involved in both the Stakeholders’ Group and the Community Hub Working Group as we believe that a team approach embracing all affected residents to be the correct way forward.
  3. It is our commitment to build an effective team of the representatives of those interested parties to work with L&G and its subcontractors to deliver an exemplar, and the Social Value element, as outlined below, is an important part of that.
  4. In our discussions with L&G, we have agreed that the Stakeholders’ Group will not be a public meeting, or host to a cast of thousands, nor will it purely be a platform for L&G to inform the community what is happening. For it to have the greatest value, it must be a two way street, and our team will have a responsibility to present its views and the views of the Crowthorne community and make valuable and valued input to the Stakeholders’ Group.
  5. For that reason, we will be talking to all interested groups about their potential input, and asking them to nominate their official representative and reserve. We would further like to create a core team that would shape the overall strategy, with the ability to respond at short notice to any events or changes.
  6. We have also developed a Communications Strategy, so that we can present a cohesive and consistent message. What we wish to avoid is individual action that could well jeopardise the success of this project, with kneejerk activity that has not been agreed by the team.

Given the importance of this project to Crowthorne long after L&G and their teams have gone home, we intend that we get it right, which entails us forming an effective team and doing things in an ordered manner.

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