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Three Year Strategy Plan

Crowthorne Parish Council

Three Year Strategy Plan
2021 - 2024

Crowthorne Parish Council

Three Year Strategy Plan Questionnaire

Crowthorne Parish Council is in the process of developing a Strategy Plan with a green focus that will inform our policy framework over the next three years. Climate change is at the forefront of our lives and this Strategy Plan will seek to address how we carry out Council activities and services whilst mitigating damage to our environment. We will ensure that wherever possible our future spending takes account of this. We will seek to reduce our energy usage in different ways over the next three years.

Maintenance of buildings and grounds will take account of the latest technologies to help reduce our impact on the environment. Our future efforts will focus on implementing measures to improve biodiversity at Circle Hill, Walter Recreation Ground and the Morgan Recreation Ground. We will seek to encourage the use of electric and non-polluting vehicles, and we will seek to provide the necessary infrastructure to support this. We are looking to take positive steps to discourage the idling of engines in the High Street and outside schools.

We need YOUR help to assist us as to how you would like us to move forward over the next three years and we seek your help in completing this short questionnaire.

The questionnaire is anonymous, and all replies will be treated in confidence. All responses will be analysed collectively, and the results published on the Parish Council website.

This questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes to complete

“A Green Plan for Crowthorne and the Environment for Tomorrow”

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