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Staffing Committee

The Committee is constituted of at least 6 members of the Parish Council to include the Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The Committee has responsibility for ensuring the Council complies with the requirements of employment law and follows best practice in providing good working conditions for staff, including health and safety.

The Committee has delegated authority to consider issues, make enquiries and responses on behalf of Crowthorne Parish Council and resolve matters in respect of the areas for which it has responsibility, including:


  • Staff recruitment and employment
  • Appraisals
  • Disciplinary or Grievance hearings
  • Pay increases
  • Job descriptions
  • Person specifications
  • Policies, training and other terms and conditions where appropriate.

Appointed Committee Membership

  • Cllr Bruce McKenzie-Boyle - Committee Chairman
  • Cllr Gail Robertson - Vice Chair of Committee
  • Cllr Neil Kilvert
  • Cllr Simon Sever
  • Cllr Cliff Thompson
  • Cllr Tina McKenzie-Boyle
  • Cllr Bob Wade - ex officio as CPC Chairman


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